Minecraft Beta – what’s new?

On February 6, the next Minecraft Bedrock beta number was released, which is aimed at eliminating numerous errors and optimizations.

Updated blacksmith table texture

Bug fixes:
Fixed possible crash on mobile devices if the player was located near the new village
The hills in the high birch forests are now again generated at the correct height.
Scoreboard now works correctly with custom creature names
The “isValidEntity” script now correctly checks only valid entities.
Fixed incorrect results when using “hasComponent” on some components of an entity
Improved generation of new villages
Fixed a bug that caused mud blocks to be generated in village structures.
Fixed crash that could occur when starting the game
Fixed a bug that prevented iOS players from accepting invitations to the game
Dragon Edge will no longer become invisible after rebirth
The chair model now supports higher resolution textures.
Distributors now work properly with custom entity eggs
Custom entities can now be used with the “[type =]” argument in commands
The texture of the marauder’s egg is now correctly displayed in the frame.
Players can no longer regenerate with shields in their hands.
Shields now display correctly when used from a third party
Shields now always tremble when blocking damage
The shield now correctly lies in the hand, if you put a crossbow in the other hand
Fixed a bug that could occur when creating a custom creature
Fixed a problem with the texture of the mane of a zombie horse
Edge wanderers no longer look as if they are always holding something when attacking
Fixed crash that could occur when adding a set of resources with the missing icon
Fixed crash that could occur when using some sets of resources
Mobs children on a leash will no longer become adults for a short time.
Worlds are now displayed in the correct order on Xbox One after restarting the game.
Breeding animals no longer breeds two young.
Fixed crash on Xbox One when copying the world
Fixed a bug due to which items were not created from the recipe book if the “All items” option was switched
Fixed a bug due to which some players were stuck on the logo of the game and could not play
Llama of a stray merchant fixed